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Mini-Review: Universal Gaming

Back for more? You won’t regret it! This time ’round I want to share a gem of a community with you called Universal Gaming (henceforth UG). This community is run by forum pros Moonface and Mr EliteL, moderated by ShiraNoMai. If you read my previous ramble you’ll know I’m big on video games; so much […]

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From Zero to Gamer

It’s a cold Canadian Christmas morning in 1996, and after a particularly packed evening prior of cokes and cookies (the alliteration will mostly stop here) I’m up from a mostly restless sleep to use the potty. I say potty here because in 1996 I was admittedly just exiting a bed wetting phase and committing to […]

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Anchoring my Thought-Boat

I’m a horrible planner. Really. And the tough truth about writing is that it’s mostly planning. An interesting title, paragraphs with logical flow, some cleverness, and a tidy ending; just some of the ingredients needed to get from an empty page to a proper blog post! But damn, I’m really horrible at this… The reality […]

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PlayStation Gamers – No Limits

Some days I can sleep like an absolute log. Today? Not so much. With a full cup of coffee I decided to sit down and explore a few of the projects our members are involved with. One member, JohnWickHitman, has a few interesting things I’d like to write about. And I do have that full […]

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Online Strangers

Grandpa is going to ramble. Give him a few moments, won’t you? Fine. Thirty-one years on Earth isn’t enough time for me to be a grandfather of anything it’s true. Despite this I can’t help but sit back in my comfy chair from time to time and think about how I ended up here. Not […]

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Using NexAds Options

Using NexAds  options  increases  exposure for everyone. Adding the NexusBar immediately makes you a part of our network of sites and starts your ad distribution. The bar installation and display is required for your links and ads to appear on the system. It powers your control panel and all your NexAd interactions, including your own […]

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Why Use NexAds?

Our unique links placement system allows you to get your clickable link in front of thousands of people every day!