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Mini-Review: Universal Gaming

Back for more? You won’t regret it! This time ’round I want to share a gem of a community with you called Universal Gaming (henceforth UG). This community is run by forum pros Moonface and Mr EliteL, moderated by ShiraNoMai. If you read my previous ramble you’ll know I’m big on video games; so much so that I nearly never shut up about them! Without further ado, and in proper mini-review fashion… let’s get started, eh?

First you’ll need a visual.

Just like after a good cup of coffee my heart starts to beat faster when I land on the index at UG. I’m not a guest… I’m a player who hasn’t inserted their coin yet. My choices at this point are to start a new game or to load an existing save (the forum equivalent of register and log in). Brilliant, right? As you continue to move around the forum you will notice more language that has been modified to align with terms from the world of gaming. For example, you won’t find an introduction forum on UG, but rather a Start Screen forum where the journey begins instead. A charming tactic.

Level up!

Next look at the logo. Refresh the page. Do it again. And again. Ok stop. No really that’s enough. Every time we click the logo to come back home to UG we are greeted with a rotating panel of video game legends ranging from Mario to Sackboy. This theme fits perfectly with the site’s creed “Let’s explore video-games, together.” The more you rotate the image the more familiar (and sometimes unfamiliar!) faces you’ll see. And speaking of themes you might have been so busy spinning the logo you forgot to notice the actual theme of the message board — an exclusive design you won’t see anywhere else online. Very classy.

Level up!

Now that you’ve started your new game on UG and looked around it’s time to start posting. If you do you’ll begin to earn XP, a useful way to flex just how much of an experienced adventurer you are. But just in case you need a better reason you’ll be happy to know that you can use your XP as a type of forum currency, too. With it you can purchase incredible collectibles in the form of digital cards which display in your profile once acquired. The cards come from series like Animal Crossing, Destiny, Final Fantasy, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Legend of Zelda and much more. After earning a sweet 150 XP from posting I purchased myself a collectible from the Pokemon series and it’s totally awesome!

Level up!

I’m sweating here. If we don’t wrap this up soon we’ll be out of mini-review territory and into the real deal. Let’s kick it into high gear shall we? Supreme organization, an active community, thoughtful discussions, an INCREDIBLE staff team, and the right atmosphere to tie it all together. What more do you need? If you have a few seconds to waste reading this then you definitely have enough time to check out the hustle and bustle at Universal Gaming.

Grab an account! I’ll see you on the start screen!

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