About NexAds and Planet Nexus

[Image: boostfull.png]  The all new NexAds system has launched!
We are excited to reveal the brand-new, completely re-invented Nexus system. This new system shall now be known as NexAds, and it is the next generation of site networking.   Our amazing developer, Skyon Archer, has re-imagined and  rewritten our platform from the ground up, making it efficient, powerful, blazing fast and fully responsive.

NexAds takes us far beyond our former forum site limitations.  Unlike our previous NexusTree presentation engine,  NexAds is available for ANY WEBSITE to use.   No matter what your site is, it can have a NexAds page in the new system!  One simple registration/login opens the whole system to you. This includes the support forum and your NexAds Control Panel which gives you content and moderation power over your page.

The NexAds system is constructed with Bootstrap responsive design, so it can be used on any device: desktop, mobile phones and tablets.

Similar to NexusTree,  your NexAds MyPage will  show  your welcome pitch,  your current blurb and real time  statistics. But it does even more.  Your comment section is now open to guest comments  as well as logged in members of Nexus.   Comments will not display on your page until you approve them, allowing you to control what displays publicly on your page.

We've also given you a contact form right on your NexAds page for visitors to directly communicate with you. You can  directly link to your contact page on NexAds or use the embed code provided.

Visitors will be engaged in a fun way  by the ability to boost your site rating. Since we are Planet Nexus, you will give your boost to a site by launching their boost rocket.  Enough boosts can send a site rocketing up to the top of the highest rated sites leaderboard.  Your page visitors no longer have to be signed in to give your site a boost, so anyone sent to your page can help you increase your ranking.

NexAds also gives you an array of many sizes of text ads you can configure and display anywhere.  These ads are dynamic, which means you can edit the colors and text anytime you wish and the information will update "automagically" wherever you have them installed. There is even a responsive ad style provided.

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