Help Docs for NexAds

This documentation is an introductory guided tour through our system that will assist you in getting the most out of your NexAds membership. Further system help can be obtained by consulting the help screens in your NexAds Control Panel or posting in our support forums. For help with setting up your profile or information regarding posting and replying on the forum, please see the Forum Help page.

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The bar is what makes you a part of the NexAds networking system. It gathers your statistics and powers all the system features. The bar must be installed on the landing page of your site link. If you have questions about how or where to install the script for the bar, please request help in our public support forum, or you may post in the private support ticket forum.

The NexusBar is a portal to the entire network of subscriber sites. Links to all the member sites randomly rotate through the bar, changing on every page refresh. Hovering a link in the bar will reveal site information provided by the subscriber. Clicking a link on the NexusBar takes the user directly to the named site.

The X icon on the far left of the bar will take users to your NexAds page. The Powered by Nexads link will take users to the NexAds entry screen where they can learn more about NexAds. The icon on the far right of the bar is the link to your control panel. Only you will see or be able to log into your control panel. Guests will see an error message asking them to log in.

The NexusBar is a script and an ad-sharing server. Be sure to whitelist in any script blockers. Adblockers should not require any adjustment from you or your site visitors.

As we continue to roll out the system, more features will be added or enhanced. Stay tuned!

  • The NexAds system is built on bootstrap, updated to meet modern web standards, and is fully responsive to accommodate all of your web traffic.
  • Any qualified website can have a page. (See your Registration Agreement for prohibited sites)
  • The NexusBar sends visitors directly to your site and is the powering engine for the system and collecting your statistics. The bar is very small, can be styled in your control panel, and appears unobtrusively at the bottom of your site.
  • The NexAds system is fully integrated with our support forum. One login gives you access to both the system and the support forum.
  • Your NexAds Control panel allows you to set up and edit your page content with easy navigation and handy help screens.
  • Visitor commenting is allowed. Moderation controls and powerful spam protections have been added to ensure that you have control of what appears on your page.
  • Visitors can boost your page by clicking on your boost rocket, but can only boost once. A notification tells you if you have already boosted a site.
  • Visitors can contact you via the Contact form on your page. This contact form can also be used on your own site by link or embed code.
  • Blurbs or NexAd content can be edited quickly at any time, and updates will display immediately on any of our dynamic NexAd options.
  • The new NexAds has an awesome site and genre search. Clicking the genre icon will search for all sites in that genre. Entering any key word in the search box will bring up results from the complete roster of sites.
  • Statistics are the bread and butter of NexAds and we got 'em! A dedicated statistics and leaderboard page, and personal site statistics right on your control panel page help you plan your promotion strategy.

Your MyPage is your sites face to the visitors that browse through the NexAds directory, and also an excellent resource to interact with visitors who only have to submit a valid email in order to chat with you or send you a contact message from your page.

The NexusBar is a portal to the entire network of subscriber sites. Links to all the member sites randomly rotate through the bar, changing on every page refresh. Hovering a link in the bar will reveal site information provided by the subscriber. Clicking a link on the NexusBar takes the user directly to the named site.

Your contact form can also be used on your site either embedded or as a link.

Use your MyPage to promote your site and broadcast your news. Your blurb and dynamic ads can be quickly updated to reflect your latest information. Post links to your MyPage anywhere you wish to send visitors to this simple, welcoming interactive page.

Helps for each section of the NexAds control panel have been conveniently installed right on the section you are viewing in the panel. Look for the in each control panel block and click the icon to open the help panel.

Don't have a NexAds page yet? You can create your page by clicking the NexAds button in our top menu.

This page contains embed codes for the NexusBar and for the dynamic ads that you set up in your NexAds control panel. You can customize the text and background color for your NexAds in the MyAd section of your NexAdsCP.

If you have questions about how to use the dynamic ads or how to install them, please open a topic in the Nexus Support forum, or you may open the Private Support Ticket if you prefer.

Using NexAds options increases exposure for everyone.

In addition to the NexusBar that is displayed on every member site, your links can be promoted in several different ways. The Nexus Bar and your MyPage alone are powerful ways to get your word out.

But there is more! In the MyCodes section of the system, we have provided multiple ad size options, including a responsive ad form, for you to place on your site. You control the message visitors see, where the ad is placed, and the styling of the ad. You decide where it looks and works best on your site. You are not limited to one choice. You can use multiple sizes to compliment various other page styles on your site. Planet Nexus displays your ad on all NexAds system pages, doing our part to get the word out about your site.

You also have the option to use text or image ads. You can use either text or image ads, but sites that use both have reported a significant increase in traffic and clicks!

Additionally you can link to or display your blurb and/or site comments directly on your site. Both Link and Embed codes are available in your control panel.

The more subscribers that use the ads, the more exposure everyone will receive. And unlike the bar, where visitors must hover a link to see your site description, no interaction other that viewing the page gets your message in front of visitors to all the sites in our roster.

All NexAds subscribers are highlighted in our searchable member Sites Roster. The view button on this page will take readers to your page for more information. But there is even more information about sites and rankings on our Stats Wall.

Similar to the Wall that was our landing page for the NexusTree forum networking system, the new NexAds has a presentation page that tells you how the system is working for our member sites. You'll find listings of the most recent blurbs and comments, and find out which sites are highest ranked on our leaderboards.

The genre block shows the number of members per category, and also serves as a genre search. Clicking the genre icon will bring up all the sites who have identified themselves as belonging to that category.

We have several ways you can get support should you need help with our system.

  • Check the NexAds FAQ for basic information about the NexAds system.
  • Post in or search the Nexus Support forum for answers to your questions. Please use this method of seeking support as a first choice when appropriate.
  • Create a topic in the Private Support Ticket forum to discuss your issue. Private support tickets are viewable only by you and our support team. This is useful if you think you may be posting sensitive information that you don't want displayed in the public support forum.
  • For situations where you cannot log in to post for support, you may use the contact form at the foot of the support forum index page, or the contact form on the Planet Nexus NexAds page.

Registration for NexAds is free and takes a few minutes to complete. Your registration awards you a control panel to set up your own NexAds page in the Planet Nexus site promotion network. Click the MyCP button in the top menu to start setting up your public MyPage and your NexAds configurations as soon as your account is activated. Your account also registers you in our Support forums. You can interact with our team and others in the community of site owners and supporters, post messages in the forums, set your own preferences in your UserCP, and maintain a profile.

You are not required to have a NexAds page in order to be a member of our support forum, but we hope you will give NexAds a try and see what our system can do to increase traffic to your site. Register Now