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Greetings, all... - Atlantic - 12-22-2020

New kid in town...I'm taking a look at the community and have asked a few questions to the powers-that-be here to see if it is for us.

Hoping that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

RE: Greetings, all... - Ryan - 12-22-2020

Welcome Atlantic. :)

Hoping you are having a great holiday as well, and that you are staying healthy.

What do you need help with today?

RE: Greetings, all... - Atlantic - 12-22-2020

Thanks, Ryan...we're thinking of advertising, but some of the firms in the roster don't appear on the bar at the bottom, so we're wondering what the different levels of ads are...

(Sorry for the "royal we"; I'm speaking for the company right now :-) )

RE: Greetings, all... - Ryan - 12-22-2020

I'm an "in-and-out" administrator for the service, here to offer support when I can. For that reason I'll try my best to answer you, but please know I'm also going to be seeking a more refined answer for you when I am able.

From our documentation, "the NexusBar is a portal to the entire network of subscriber sites. Links to all the member sites randomly rotate through the bar, changing on every page refresh." Sites added aren't weighed differently, and shouldn't appear more frequently on the bar unless of course it through pure random coincidence.

If I haven't understood your question properly just let me know. :)

RE: Greetings, all... - Atlantic - 12-22-2020

Thanks for the assistance, Ryan!  I've already posed the questions to the management in their response form, so I'm sure they'll be able to fill in more details as they are needed.

RE: Greetings, all... - Ryan - 12-22-2020

Awesome. :) If you need anything else just give me a nudge.

RE: Greetings, all... - Helena - 12-23-2020

Hi Atlantic, and welcome.

We have a little helper for the NexBar called NexBot. NexBot checks our member sites for proper installation of the NexusBar code. If the bar is installed properly, the site will appear in the bar links rotation. If there is a problem, your site will not display on the bar.

Glitches can happen, so there is a health report on everyone's Nexus Control Panel where Nexbot will tell you if all systems are go, or if you need to give some attention to your installation.

Although a site may not appear on the bar for various reasons, the roster will continue to display the member site.

RE: Greetings, all... - Skyon Archer - 12-23-2020

The links in the footer bar are purely random. No one get's special placement.

To provide further information on what a Planet Nexus NexAds membership provides you, the end user:

1. MyPage - MyPage is a form of a portal page for your website, hosted by Planet Nexus. The exciting part is you have control of the content displayed on the page, such as: Example of a MyPage can be seen here:

2. An array of different advertisement choices from text ads and image ads of various sizes and design. You control the look of the ads in your NexAds control panel. Advertisement choices can be seen here:

3. NexAds Nexworkers - this page lists all members sites currently in the system, even if they don't have the footer bar code displayed on their site, they will be listed on this page. Example:

4. NexAds Stats - this page is a summary of sites in the system that have made it to the top of each section. Example:

As you can see, there are many different ways that your site will be advertised within the system and, best of all, it's FREE!

RE: Greetings, all... - Sarah - 12-24-2020

Hi there and welcome

RE: Greetings, all... - Atlantic - 12-24-2020

Helena and Skyon:  that makes things a lot clearer.  Thanks!  The service looks like a very good one, and I'll likely pull the trigger just after the holiday.  Looking forward to working with Nexus to make sure the code is properly implemented and we can take full advantage of the service.

Again, Atlantic is a provider of computer services for individuals (focusing on seniors) and small businesses.  We're obviously on hold right now because of the pandemic; it's most important that we all stay safe, both customers and employees.  The forums are a way of keeping everyone in touch in the meantime.  The link is in my signature if you'd like to check them out or register.