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Footer Bar Code Change! - Skyon Archer - 01-21-2019

Calling all Beta Testers!!

Please replace your existing Footer Bar code with the code displayed in your NexAds Control Panel.

We have changed the variables in the script to assist in the footer bar not being blocked by Ad Blockers.

This is an important change that must be implemented to try to make this system as easy to use for you and your site users.  You shouldn't have to tell your members and site guests to turn off their Ad Blocker just so that users of NexAds can get and share attention.

As such, if you have an ad registered with us, visit NexAds and at the top of your control panel you'll find the footer bar code that you need to replace your existing code with.

I apologize for any inconvenience but this is an important change, as mentioned above.


RE: Footer Bar Code Change! - Spice - 01-21-2019

Done done done on all my themes. :)

RE: Footer Bar Code Change! - Helena - 01-21-2019

Added to my site.

NexusBar is displaying in FireFox & PaleMoon with U-Block Origin turned on and white list for removed.

Same for and Opera (built-in blocker turned on)


RE: Footer Bar Code Change! - Skyon Archer - 01-21-2019

Awesome! I hoped that would be the case.

RE: Footer Bar Code Change! - Cory - 01-22-2019

Updated for jCodes, and it works without PN being whitelisted by Adblock Plus, so two thumbs up!

RE: Footer Bar Code Change! - Bryn - 01-22-2019

Same here, only that I just stuck in the new code within the global wrapper key ;)

RE: Footer Bar Code Change! - Skyon Archer - 01-22-2019

I'm bumping this topic so it's visible to all landing on the forum index page. There are a few that still haven't updated their foot bar code.

Please view the first post of this topic if you haven't updated the footer bar code on your website, forum or blog.