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RE: NexAds beta is here! - Skyon Archer - 01-19-2019

(01-19-2019, 07:27 PM)Sandy Wrote:  What's NexAds?

NexAds is the next generation advertising system developed by Planet Nexus to help your website, forum or blog gain exposure and subsequent success on the internet!

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Bryn - 01-21-2019

So I looked at my forum stats under NexSys and, I spotted this...
Quote:Internet Explorer | Windows 11

Eh, wut? :huh:

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Skyon Archer - 01-21-2019


Some Windows 10 actually ships with Internet Explorer. While Edge is the default browser, your installation (and the person that viewed your ad) can have IE.


Now, as for the Windows 11 you are seeing. I'll have to ask you for a screen shot to ensure there isn't some text wrapping going on or something simply because we all know there is no such animal at this time haunting the earth. I verified my Operating System identifier script doesn't even have that listed as an option to even store/display.

One thing you can possibly do is scroll down beneath the statistics area of your NexCP and there is a button to display the "last few viewers of your ad". Maybe you'll be able to see more information in there.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Bryn - 01-22-2019

Well, I'm really just baffled at a "Windows 11" being there. Maybe that's getting confused with a newer build of Windows 10 perhaps? Trust me, that did appear and I can't provide a screenshot showing proof as it's been cut off already. I wonder if anybody else saw that... weird.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Helena - 01-22-2019

Its amazing people are still using WindowsXP. Some like living dangerously, I guess!

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Bryn - 01-22-2019

Nevermind that... I've got some people using Windows 2000! :O

By the way Archer, here's what I saw:
[Image: I1qY0.png]

Yeah, beyond strange.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Skyon Archer - 01-22-2019

That, my friend, was supposed to Windows NT . . . not 11. I must have been thinking of IE11 when I typed that.

I have updated the list of Operating Systems.

Awesome catch!

Beta development updates - Helena - 01-22-2019

Ha! Mystery solved.   

I love that we have detectives on board. ^_^