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RE: NexAds beta is here! - Bryn - 01-16-2019

Should I put this for only the default skin, or all skins? Supposing that the global key containing it won't work (but as I said, I can enquire about it at the Jcink support forum or the support tickets, but I think the second choice would be better because, this is discreet, ha).

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Helena - 01-16-2019

It needs to be all skins, as it has to be on the page of the site link you have posted in your NexAds control panel.

But that would be great if there was a way you could add it globally. Maybe Cory will come up with something. Maybe request him to look into it.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Bryn - 01-17-2019

And that would be why it doesn't seem to appear on just the default skin... besides, Cory happens to be here anyway so, hope he'll see this :P

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Helena - 01-17-2019

I read what beta said about the global key, and it seems intended to be for things you are going to need to edit or add to so that you don't have to do multiple edits. But you still need to put the key in every skin wrapper. So inserting the NexusBar script won't save you any work really, as you still would have to insert something in each skin.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Bryn - 01-17-2019

It's definitely one thing I hate about Jcink... seriously. I'll do it when I have the time.

Also, I've been told that the NexAds bar is being intercepted by ad-blockers. Might need to be whitelisted in some way.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Helena - 01-17-2019

Yes. I've added a note to the announcement and to the help docs to that effect.

The NexusBar is both a script and and adserver. Both and your site URL should be be whitelisted in any script or adblockers. Also, inform users on your site of the same so that they can access the system as well.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Skyon Archer - 01-17-2019

One thing I can do is take the word "ad" out of all the scripts. This word, of course, raises the attention of adblockers due to the actual word that it is . . . ad.

If I do this, it may not stop the adblocker from blocking our scripts or it may work. Either way, I can try but this will mean I have to rename all script contents for each ad size and everyone will have to re-install the revised scripts for them to work again.

It seems like a lot of work for a maybe of a chance of a good return. But I'll do whatever the masses call for. :)

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Helena - 01-17-2019

Sorry it require so much work....but not something we anticipated. I think we would be constantly having to instruct subscribers, and then would have to depend on them to advise their site visitors. That's really not going to happen in any great percentage, so it seems your idea to change the script names is probably worth doing.

However, script blockers blocked the NexusBar in the old PN. I'm not sure about ad consider that going forward.

RE: NexAds beta is here! - Skyon Archer - 01-17-2019

Need a tester to try this out and see if it is blocked:

Please visit this page:

Let me know if the footer bar is blocked.


RE: NexAds beta is here! - Helena - 01-17-2019

Ad blocker blocks it on FF, PM and Opera.

(the bar still says "NexAds")