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December is go month - Helena - 11-28-2018

Archer is back from his hiatus, and you  may have seen his note that continued development of the new Nexus platform will be underway in the coming month of December.

We hope to have things in order for a beta release soon.   As a timeframe reference, we are looking at  weeks, not months. It could be as soon as the new year. No promises, of course. You never know exactly what might be ahead that could slow things down.

RE: December is go month - Spice - 11-28-2018

Sounds exciting.

RE: December is go month - Bryn - 11-29-2018

YUSSSSSSS. That's what I like to hear! :D Good luck with everything :)

RE: December is go month - Sandy - 11-29-2018

All these new threads, it will be good getting our sites out there once more though..

RE: December is go month - Helena - 12-01-2018

Good progress is being made. There will be a single registration/log in credential that will give you access to both the forums and your Nexus page, so things will be simple and sweet in Nexus 2.0. :)

RE: December is go month - Sandy - 12-02-2018

Does that mean adding our sites will be easy peezy too?

RE: December is go month - Bryn - 12-02-2018

And also, is the new Nexus system going to be more "effective" than the last one? Especially to do with SEO backlinks that I mentioned about before?

RE: December is go month - Skyon Archer - 12-02-2018

Adding your website, forum or blog will be extremely easy.  Simply enter the name, address and a short description and that's it!  Sure, there are a lot of extra things like controlling the way ads looks on your site that involves a bit more, but even that's really simple.

The links of the system are directed to planetnexus.  We have to do it this way in order to be able to obtain all the information on your links performance.  If we simply link directly to your site then we would not be able to obtain the analytical info.

Just like any "advertisement" system out there.

Take for instance, your site's links within a Google Ad would look like this:

Now that is a terribly long link!

[Image: E9X3y.png]

Realize that any link out there that points to your website, forum or blog (backlink) is a plus.  Especially if multiple sites are displaying that link.  A link to your site is displayed on their website and their website is displayed on your website.

An example of your sites link in our system will be like:


So the link will contain your sites address and the text presented will be the site name that you entered.  This way you control what's being displayed!

Planet Nexus offers users of the system an opportunity to get their websites link in front of others that they otherwise wouldn't be able to do so and vice-a-versa.

RE: December is go month - Bryn - 12-02-2018

So from what's said, would that mean that if my forum has a thread containing a link to a BBC News article, would I get new visitors from that source also? Just making sure that's correct.

RE: December is go month - Skyon Archer - 12-02-2018

Here you go....
Joe's forum has a Planet Nexus ad displaying links from the system.

Your website also has an ad showing links.

Joe's ad is showing a link that goes to you and you, in turn, have a link that goes to Joe's site.

These links are backlinking all three sites: Joe, you and Planet Nexus.

If a spider comes upon Joe's site and follows links, the spider will go to PN and then your site. But wait, you have reciprocal links that will bring the spider back to PN and then to Joe.

We all are getting recognized by Mr. Spider!

Also, users of Joe's site may not have ever heard of you or your site. Thanks to the PN ad, they will see your link and just may click on it out of interest. You just got a unique visitor to your site that you probably never would have if it wasn't for Planet Nexus!

Using the Nexus Ad system can only help your website, forum or blog. Plain and simple.