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Bot Messed Again.... - Ken_Koerperich - 07-09-2021

As you see, bar is & has been on the bottom of the forum.

But your bot is still redlining me...

Can we get a fix Sky?

ROFL! Asked for help...4 hours later BOT decides he want's to work, and NOT be red lined anymore....

Guess you're off the hook Sky!

RE: Bot Messed Again.... - Helena - 07-10-2021

I love it. We have a self-fixing bot. ^_^

RE: Bot Messed Again.... - Moonface - 07-10-2021

(07-10-2021, 02:41 AM)Helena Wrote:  I love it. We have a self-fixing bot. ^_^

[Image: 5d2e8d746baed3e046706c0714c266da670925a0.gifv]

RE: Bot Messed Again.... - Skyon Archer - 07-17-2021

Yes, its awesome when AI handles the problems itself :)