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Hosting Service Maintenance - Skyon Archer - 04-13-2021

We have scheduled a network maintenance for our Chicago DC Facility that serves

Date: Sunday, April 18, 2021
Start Time: 12:00 AM CDT (UTC -5)
End Time: 6:00 AM CDT (UTC -5)

Maintenance Scope:

This maintenance is designed to replace the Layer3 routing devices that manage the network.

Customer Impact:

Due to the nature of the work there will be several periods of complete or partial unreachability onsite as we perform this maintenance.

Thank you for your time and understanding regarding this matter.

RE: Hosting Service Maintenance - Helena - 04-14-2021

Thanks for the heads up. Although, the chances of me trying to access the site between midnight and 6am are pretty slim. ^_^

But glad to know the Tierra host elves will be hard at work keeping the PN experience a smooth one going forward.