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February Update - Ryan - 02-02-2021

Here's a tiny treat to quell your winter blues! We've made some changes to the way Planet Nexus works to better serve you here at our forums. Here's the small list that we tinkered with during January.

- Support forum logo now links to forum index instead of Planet Nexus home page
- Added button called Web Home to top menu
- Updated error language when ad fails to display
- Activated calendar function for internal event postings
- Events buttons added to submenu
- New posts button added to submenu
- Imported emoticons from previous version of Planet Nexus to new forum
- Added "General Discussion" forum to community section
- Removed jumbotron section from landing page on web home re: reduce scrolling on mobile
- Added mobile responsiveness to site thumbnail on My Page so that it moves to Our Links section on mobile view.
- Expedited loading time of stats page for nexsys

The engines are just warming up of course! Keep checking back for more news on happenings here at Planet Nexus! :)

RE: February Update - Jane - 02-03-2021

Ooooh! You have been busy bees.  Salute