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Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-02-2021

Here's a thread I like to call "Today's Top Choice!" *fanfare of trumpets* *a child can be heard crying*

Don't pretend you're not scrolling the Interweb feeds all day long, my friend. I know I am. Each day I'll endeavor to post one of the funniest, most interesting, or just plain weirdest thing I come across each day. Feel free to join too if you want! Just don't post more than one thing a day!

Have fun. :D

RE: Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-03-2021

My pick for today is about a week old, but I can't stop thinking about it so it's making my list. :)

Enjoy this video of Saturn!

RE: Today's Top Choice - Skyon Archer - 01-03-2021

(01-03-2021, 05:33 PM)Ryan Wrote:  Enjoy this video of Saturn!

Fake!  It's a movie prop from the 60's ;)


Seriously, I love space . . . that's actually an amazing amateur shot.  Thanks for sharing.

RE: Today's Top Choice - Jane - 01-04-2021

Awesome! I love space...are we alone? or are we being watched?! Shock

My offering from tornado alley. It’s a monster!  Shock

RE: Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-04-2021

@Jane: Wow! Like, just wow! I live in a region where the worst thing I've ever experienced (weather wise) is a bad rainy day. Or maybe wildfire smoke from a neighbouring province. I simply have no appreciation for the sheer destructive power that a single tornado can bring to a community like that. All I can do is sit wide-eyed at my screen and be thankful of my circumstances, I suppose.

Thanks for the share!

I think all y'all'r gonna love this one I'm choosing as my pick for the day:

Title: Making fake lettuce which is usually displayed in the windows of restaurants so you "know what you're going to eat" - Japan

RE: Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-05-2021

I have two that I really like today. :D



RE: Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-07-2021

I honestly couldn't stop watching all of the US politics stuff today, and that certainly isn't going on my list so. :D SKIPPED. :D

RE: Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-09-2021

A bit older, but I really like the ideas explored in this YouTube original series:

RE: Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-14-2021

This hits me right. Wub

RE: Today's Top Choice - Ryan - 01-15-2021

"The Egg" by Andy Weir is a story I'd like to share with you today, narrated by YouTube's Kurzgesagt from his channel In a Nutshell. Enjoy!