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Favorite Forum Software - Skyon Archer - 06-09-2019

As we are always looking to improve the NexAds service we provide at Planet Nexus, and the software we are part of, I'd like to get an idea of the forum software that you consider your favorite.

Please make a selection in the poll and if your favorite isn't listed, choose "other" and make a post and tell us about it.

Note that there are some free forum providers listed at the end of the poll to also choose from instead of a software.

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Jane - 06-09-2019

Jcink for me now. phpBB3, has to have the most complicated and confusing acp ever. The permissions drive me mad!  Angry

SMF is ok...lots of plugins and skin selections. acp is simple enough.

V bulletin...the acp.... Angry Angry

IPB boards...acp... Angry Angry

So...for sheer simplicity...Jcink. easy peasy lemon squeazy,

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Skyon Archer - 06-10-2019

I pretty much like any forum software, to be honest.

However, for modding, I find MyBB the best.

I like Jcink for it's ease of use, but I do not like the fact that I don't have access to the on-server files. Only being able to modify a forum there by using javascript/jquery just doesn't cut it for me.

I dislike Xenforo, especially for modding it.

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Sandy - 06-10-2019

I hate PHPBB3 too, ACP is impossible to figure out, Jcink is good in that things are similar to zetaboards although there are things I've yet to get my old head round..

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Skyon Archer - 06-12-2019

As of now, it seems our friends at Jcink have the platform/software of choice. I appreciate those that have taken the time to reply and I look forward to responses from others!

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Sandy - 06-15-2019

It'll be interesting seeing what a lot more folk think is the best..

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Helena - 06-16-2019

I've been able to find my way arouind MyBB. phpBB was hopeless. I really gave it an effort but couldn't really get anywhere. In fact, they even try to discourage you from creating themes.

I miss ZetaBoards, but it is nice to have control over everything here. Archer has to keep reminding me that we can do anything we want now. Smile

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Sandy - 06-17-2019

My only complaint about JCink is that it could be more user friendly, in saying that it is a load easier to use than most other forum softwares, PHPBB 3 being the worst IMHO, a pity Jcink isn't more like Zetaboards which I could use reasonably easily..

RE: Favorite Forum Software - Chase - 07-23-2019

Invision Power Board.