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NexAds on Jcink boards - Skyon Archer - 04-28-2019

One of the great things that makes NexAds so fantastic is the ease of implementing our ad units on your website, forum or blog!

An example of ads placed on a Jcink Forum can be viewed at

There is a text ad displayed at the top of the forum and an image ad being presented under the statistics area (footer) of the forum.

This is achieved by simply applying advertisement display codes before and after the <% BOARD %>  tag within the Board Wrapper.

By adding NexAds to your Jcink forum, you are not only able to advertise your forum but you are also displaying links for other members of the NexAds system!

Overall, implementing NexAds on your Jcink forum is an extremely easy task.

RE: NexAds on Jcink boards - Sandy - 04-28-2019

I may get you over to fix that and a few things seeing I can't see to change things in the ACP, if yoy be willing of course..

RE: NexAds on Jcink boards - Bryn - 04-30-2019

(04-28-2019, 02:21 PM)Skyon Archer Wrote:  Overall, implementing NexAds on your Jcink forum is an extremely easy task.
Not if you have more than one skin, in where you are forced to paste it in every one you've got. The same with every other custom code you want to put in.

And this is one of the reasons why I now despise Jcink.

RE: NexAds on Jcink boards - Skyon Archer - 04-30-2019

Not true, you can go to the Website Maker and make a page that has the NexAd code you want to use and create an "Include Key".

Quote:Webpage templates support “include keys.” This is a simple concept where you can create a webpage file that has information that you wish to be able to show up on multiple pages while retaining an easy way to keep it up to date. For example, you create your header for multiple skins. It has some links that you update periodically, or maybe a logo or an announcement box. So having one webpage being called via include key in 4 skin's wrappers means you only have to update the web page instead of updating every skin individually.

Ensure you check yes next to "Allow key use in Board Wrappers?" when creating your page.

Also, ensure you check yes after "Enable Include Keys for Board Wrappers?" on the Website Maker main page (at the bottom).

So, if you create a Website Maker page that has your "NexAd Code", you can make an Include Key with the word "nexad" and save the page.

Then, if you use the include key of "<% nexad %>" in your Board Wrappers, the advertisement will be displayed and you will only have to maintain the actual code in one location!

RE: NexAds on Jcink boards - Bryn - 05-02-2019

Well even so, you are required to put it in every skin you have but at least from that, you can modify the code via its own board wrapper key.