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im back - Malcolm80 - 02-11-2019

iam the former malcolmzbf. i couldnt access my original acct - i guess it was because nexus changed over from the tapatalk fiasco...but anyways, new acct, for the new year. good to see everyone again.

can my old post count be merged with this one..? no?

RE: im back - Helena - 02-11-2019

This is a whole new message board, self-hosted and a different forum system. We didn't move the forum over to here. Everyone has had to start over here with a new account.

The old forums are basically just an archive now.

Maybe we can set up a special profile tag with your old post count in it. I'll look into it.

RE: im back - Skyon Archer - 02-12-2019


Welcome Back!!

RE: im back - Malcolm80 - 02-12-2019

there is helena and skyon. good seeing you both again. love the new layout. very clean and professional. plus very vibrant. ill pop in from time to time. i see now nexus is being hosted with tierra. very good.

RE: im back - Helena - 02-12-2019

Ya, we thought it was time Nexus got some color. So the bootstrap buttons are a fun pop that brings some of that colorful vibe the old Nexus was missing.

if you wish to visit the old forums, you can still get to them via this link:

RE: im back - Skyon Archer - 02-12-2019

Nah, you don't want to go over there. All the cool happening stuff occurs right here!

RE: im back - Helena - 02-12-2019

I'm so glad we've moved away from TaT groups. They have there own idea on how forums should operate and the constant changes make it really difficult for forum owners to keep control of their vision for their communities.

Definitely cool stuff happening here. Cool This place gets more awesome by the day.

RE: im back - Bryn - 02-13-2019

Hey Malcolm. Remember me? :D

RE: im back - Malcolm80 - 02-15-2019

[Image: hello-wave-smiley-emoticon.gif] bryn!

RE: im back - Spice - 03-08-2019

Hi Mal!