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Planet Nexus 2.0 released! - Helena - 02-02-2019

Announcing the Planet Nexus 2.0 release of the NexAds system

Many thanks to our beta testers and all loyal members of Planet Nexus who have been with us through development of NexAds.   We couldn't have gotten to this stage without you!   We are hereby open for business. Skyon Archer has been tirelessly tuning, tweaking and continuing to innovate the system and it is humming along!

Let's take a look at some of the things that have been happening under the hood:

[Image: I7Ss6.png] "Greetings, I'm your friendly NexBot!"
We have a new mascot! NexBot is now appearing in your NexAdsCP information block  to provide your system health report.  He will let you know at a glance if your script is correctly installed. If NexBot is green, your ads are getting out there! If there is an issue, his color will change to bright red to alert you to correct the problem.  NexBot makes his rounds every day to check that  your links are displaying on all our member sites.  

Construction of our homepage has been completed.  We think it expresses our persona, and the potential of NexAds to grow and be a real force in web promotion.  It is now the landing page for

The NexAds login page can be accessed at

You can access the support forum by any of the URLs below. You may wish to edit your bookmarks:

A number of new information pages have been added, including our Terms, various help pages on use of the system, and more are being planned.

NexAds image ads have new image backgrounds.  Our system will automatically detect the light or dark version for you according to your NexAd color choices.

Feeds for blurbs and comments have been provided. These can be accessed by link, or installed on your site and styled as you like.

Our member site thumbnails are now managed by our servers. This means these images will not experience sporadic down times.  Thumbnail previews appear on  your MyPage, the Sites Roster and in your NexAds control panel.

Your portable contact form has received some very strong new spam controls. This makes iit an even more valuable perk for subscribers.

We have built a new page into our support forum ACP that will help us manage the entire system more effectively.  It's got some pretty nifty bells and whistles.  (Archer is the king of search and sort. )  This installation has opened up some ideas to enhance our subscriber experience as well, so stay tuned.

Let us know what you think.   We want your NexAds experience to be the best it can be, so your feedback is important to us!

RE: Planet Nexus 2.0 released! - Sandy - 02-10-2019

You and Skyon seem to have done a great job.. I've only noticed one or two very minor things, but likely site related and nothing to do with the work you've done the very minor things don't really warrant a mention given the god work doe far out ways any minor little problems that can't be fixed.. A thumbs up to you both.. :)

RE: Planet Nexus 2.0 released! - Helena - 02-11-2019

Thanks for the comment, Sandy. We are still looking at things we can improve, but on the whole the system is now complete and functioning pretty much flawlessly. Mr Archer is definitely doing a bang-up job!

Boost Statistics now in your CP!

You'll even find a new addition to your Statistics section of your NexAds Control panel today. Click your Statistics button in the top navigation menu and you'll see a tally of the Boosts you have been given on your MyPage. You'll also find a list of all the sites you have personally boosted. Cool

RE: Planet Nexus 2.0 released! - Jane - 03-31-2019

I’m going to have a good look at this new  Nexus bar thingy and get it installed over the next couple of days. I’m guessing it’s superior the old version on zetaboards? From what I have read it seems to have a lot more bells and whistles.

RE: Planet Nexus 2.0 released! - Sandy - 03-31-2019

It's installed here and on my site, take a look while you're getting your chores dome on mine.. ;)