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Using NexAds Options - Helena - 01-28-2019

Using NexAds  options  increases  exposure for everyone.

Adding the NexusBar immediately makes you a part of our network of sites and starts your ad distribution. The bar installation and display is required for your links and ads to appear on the system. It powers your control panel and all your NexAd interactions, including your own public page in the system.  The Nexus Bar and links to your MyPage alone are powerful ways to get your word out.

The Planet Nexus "X" icon on the left of the bar will take viewers on your site to your personal page.  Your page displays short, targeted messages to visitors, invites comments, and provides a means for visitors to contact you.    If you also prominently display a link to your MyPage elsewhere on your site, you can attract even more interest in your page.  But NexAds offers even more!

Additional Ad Options:

On the MyCodes page of the system, we have provided multiple ad size options, including a responsive ad version,  for you to place on your site.  You control the message visitors see, and the styling of the ad.    You decide where it looks and works best on your site.  You are not limited to one choice. You can use multiple sizes to compliment various other page styles on your site. Planet Nexus displays your ad on all MyPages, doing our part to get the word out about your site.

The more ads placed by our subscribers, the more exposure everyone will receive.  

And unlike the bar, where visitors must hover a link to see your site description,  no interaction other that viewing the page gets your message in front of visitors to all the sites in our roster.

Should I use text or image ads?

You can use either, but sites that use both have reported a significant increase in traffic and clicks!

How can I use my Blurb?

Visitors that are directed to your page in our system will see your blurb prominently displayed on your page. They can interact with your blurb message by visiting your site, making a comment or using your contact form. You can also link to or display your blurb and/or site comments directly on your site. Both Link and Embed codes are available in your control panel.  Your blurb can be used as an easy-to-update announcement module right on your site. And visitors that want your latest updates can subscribe to your blurb as well.

RE: Using NexAds Options - Helena - 02-23-2019

Some ideas on ad placement:

A good place to put one of the optional NexAds is at the top or bottom of your pages, as you see we have done here on the forum and on our system pages. But there are other creative ways to tuck ads into your site, thereby increasing everyone's exposure, and showing other site owners how NexAds can benefit them. This is important because it is to everyone's advantage to attract more NexAds users.

One example is what Archer has done with the PN portal page:
You'll see in the left column, a block of NexAds, and below it, a featured site ad. This can be accomplished by simply adding a custom portal block, naming it "Featured Site" and inserting one of our rotating ads.

On our forum stats page, we've placed an image ad in an area that would normally just be blank space, and the ad size chosen works well there.

You can see that because you control the ad colors, the ads can be attractive and blend well with the site.