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Why use NexAds? - Helena - 01-27-2019

What is NexAds and how does it work?

Our unique links placement system  allows you to get your clickable link in front of thousands of people every day! 

There is NO COST, it's free to Register. Get your website, forum or blog's advertisement in rotation with other smart websites. Sign up now and your advertisement can start working for you today.

All subscriber sites constantly rotate through the Nexus Bar and the optional NexAds that you place on your site.  This means that your information is constantly being exposed to all users who visit every site.  NexAds is a tremendous opportunity for website administrator/owners to get their "name" out there in front of thousands of people who otherwise never would have ever heard of their site! 

NexAds is compatible with all websites, forums, blogs. Basically any site in which you can install a script.  Since it is a placed ad, it is not prohibited on free hosted sites like forums.  NexAds is not content-based advertising like adsense, therefore it does not violate free forum host advertising rules.

Why use NexAds rather than another promotion tool?

NexAds provides a commercially competitive service, with one important difference.  It is FREE. And its not a shot in the dark. You get detailed analytics that inform you of the activity generated by your ads. Our analytics are continually being refined to give you the most useful data for determining how your ads are working.

Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that allows publishers (anyone wanting to put ads on their websites) to insert a small amount of HTML into their sites and have ads appear.

We aren't charging a dime for our services. Impressions and clicks are absolutely free. Our goal is to provide both the newest website and a long-time forum an easy way to gain incredible exposure. Say you have a blog about fishing. Your readers stumble upon this advertisement promoting worship arts resources. Now, that's not something you see everyday and they decide to click on that ad. Suddenly, a brand new, never seen before person has been presented all the glory and splendor that the new website has to offer.

Of course, there isn't any guarantee that the new visitor will become a regular user of the new website, but without the NexAds advertisement, this chance encounter never would have happened!

NexAds . . . working together equals success!  We like to call it "nexworking".  Cool

For more information on the all-new optional NexAds feature, please see : Using NexAd Options