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Ad for my site. - Sandy - 01-25-2019

I was wondering if some nice person could help make an ad to put out for my site? I'm hopeless as with wording things in a good way, or putting a positive spin on things, so could really use some help.. Thanks for the suggestion Helena..   :D

RE: Ad for my site. - Helena - 01-25-2019

It would be helpful to list what you think you want to emphasize about your site and give us something to work with.

I think your short description is good. It says what you are about.

RE: Ad for my site. - Skyon Archer - 01-25-2019

The ad for your site is fine to me as well. I rather like the text:

A site to learn about all things New Zealand and it's history, we also have a general chat area if you want a good debate or whatever too.

It is a bit wordy, but I think that's part of its charm!

RE: Ad for my site. - Ryan - 01-25-2019

I spent some time this morning poking around your forum. Before I realized it I was looking at travel ads for New Zealand in one tab with Wikipedia open in another. New Zealand is a very interesting, stunning place indeed! I made a little text ad for you that tries to capture this feeling of, say, a travel ad while also describing some interesting facets of your discussion boards.

Quote:Slip away to the southwestern Pacific Ocean on a journey to enchanting New Zealand. Sandy's House is a community of discovery: challenge your knowledge of Māori culture; learn the language; traverse the landscape.

RE: Ad for my site. - Sandy - 01-25-2019

I've lost count of how many tourists from the US that have said the countries amazing.. I was a head chef for some 40 years and met a lot of people through the hotels I worked in, hey were always saying how they'd be raving to their friends etc when they get home.. Even bonnie Prince Charlie had a good word..