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RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 02-28-2020


Overcast and gloomy today. Love sourdough bread. Might have a go at making some.

Hope today is better than yesterday...sheesh... :huh:

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 02-28-2020


RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 02-29-2020

It's a blessed day at Planet Nexus. There have been almost 1.5 million ad views since inception of the program!

To me, that's a crazy number :)

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 02-29-2020

Don't you mean Nexus Redux? I noticed the numbers were looking good this morning..

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 02-29-2020


Piddling with rain this morning. Just what we need.. Rolleyes  Still..bunnies don't mind the rain..hopping about munching the grass.

Good numbers Skyon!  :bow:

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 02-29-2020


RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 02-29-2020

Okay, what stimulating conversation would you like to introduce to Planet Nexus? By all means, strike up an informative and though-provoking topic that can inspire others to actively participate in!

As I previously stated:
(02-24-2020, 06:30 PM)Skyon Archer Wrote:  @Sandy . . . since these forum's are basically to support the NexAds system, there's really not a lot of detailed conversations to be had. Unless of course you have a specific topic you'd like to discuss.

Otherwise, not too much happening around here :)

On a side note, since this is the support forum . . . no activity is actually good :D

So, instead of replying *YAWN* and *SNORE* to idle posts made by other members, get off your crass ass and post something that will drive conversation by all.

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 02-29-2020

Maybe you could get off your crass and count the times I've tried to get a conversation going in this vthread, only to have it ignored in favour of an inane comment about the weather or domeone kissing up to site owners..

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 03-01-2020

Now we have something to talk about. I mean, something other than comments about the weather.

Like the heat in southern hemisphere nations.

I did a search and really couldn't find any stimulating conversation starters. Unless posts about heat, yawns, unrealistic guest numbers, weather, physical ailments, and more weather are the conversation starters you are mentioning.

In that case, let me reply . . . .

1. Gee, "The thermometer hit 39 degrees here yesterday", that's a typical summer day where I live. Plus we have a lot of humidity to make it even worse.
2. Maybe you should take a nap if a lot of your replies are yawns.
3. "713 users since last 24 hours (1 member 0 of whom are invisible and 712 guests)", that's a lot of guests, too bad they are all most likely bots
4. Yes, it's evident that New Zealand needs some rain to break the heat.
5. Too bad you have physical ailments; however, with age comes these things.
6. "It almost feels cold today with a forecast high of a mere 32 degrees", that too is a cooler summer day for us.

Yes, very stimulating. So, please, let's continue these inspiring conversations. Simply pick a number from my replies above and we can continue these!

Oh, and as for the "kissing up to site owner", I'm not even going to cross that bridge.

So, c'mon, let's get some active conversations going on those countless conversation starting posts you've made . . . .

Or, how about this, what is your opinion of the coronavirus and it's international spreading? Do you think it's all fake or fact? Do you think it was intentionally released into the public to force a Chinese shutdown and, in turn, affect the other economies of the world that rely so heavily on Chinese manufacturing? Are you worried about coronovirus yourself?

Or, how about this, what's your thoughts about Jacinda Ardern? Do you think she is qualified to be Prime Minister of New Zealand at such a young age? Do you think growing up in a Mormon family is a negative or a positive in the eye's of the rest of the world? What's your opinion of Ardern being unmarried and having a baby out of wedlock?

See, those are conversation starters!

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 03-01-2020

Might I suggest you clear the chir off your glasses and go back further through the thread and be a little less selective in what you see? Seems you only managed a few pages before you fell asleep.. lol..