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RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 11-30-2019

Ahhh, possiblt why the JCink site I had was a little slow, Baidu seemed to love visiting there..

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 11-30-2019

(11-30-2019, 03:32 AM)Helena Wrote:  I had a bad feeling about Baidu bot.

There should be a Baidu bot blocker.

Ot better, a Baidu butt kicker..

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 11-30-2019

Morning folks.

A cold and frosty day. Things to do, and smileys to upload for His Lordship.  Rolleyes :)
My advent calendar is ready to go. Love Christmas.

Friendly Chatting is live on twitter! wooo!


RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 12-01-2019

Well, after a nice 37 degree day here it's now late enough to get some sleep, it'll be nice not to need a pile of blankets to keep warm too..

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 12-01-2019

Morning folks.

Cold and frosty again this morning. Christmas decorations are up. Lovely jubbly.

Another newbie has joined...22 FC members now! .awesome.  :bow:

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 12-02-2019

A 34 degree day here today, and I believe the start of the third week of water restrictions, that means no charcoal barbecues of course.. :(

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 12-02-2019

34 celcesius this morning . . . going to be a humid, hot day :)

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 12-02-2019

About 50% is all..

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 12-02-2019

Morning folks.

Bright and sunny today, but still cold. another frost on the way. Red sky this morning.

RE: RANDOM comments - Spice - 12-02-2019

Good morning all. I've been a busy beaver.