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RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 11-29-2019

New plugin released at MyBB . . .

Facebook, Google, Twitter, SEO Metatags
Gain the exposure your forum deserves with Social and SEO meta tags

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 11-29-2019

Congrats on releasing a myBB mod. :) *thumbs up*

But I don't quite understand it. What does it exactly do with the image you provide?

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 11-29-2019

I released two mods at MyBB (link to my mods):

1. WordPress Posts on Forum Index
2. Facebook, Google, Twitter, SEO Metatags

The first one is basically self explanatory. If you have a WordPress blog, you can have your posts automagically put on the forum index in a matching "category".

The second one will automatically put "Social Media and SEO" meta tags in the header of your forum.

Tags for:
As the person/bot visits different pages, so does the information within the tags . . . automatically.

It also allows you to set up the meta tags. For instance, if you have an image address in the twitter:image tag, when someone puts your sites link in a Tweet, this image is displayed as part of their tweet. Same thing goes for the Facebook image tag and Facebook posts.

Basically, this mod enhances your forum in the eyes of search engines, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Best part is . . . it's done automatically.

Instead of typing static data in these meta tags, like most people do, my modification will change the information as the site visitor/bot goes from page to page.

Here's an example of the tags:
[Image: preview_121762_1574988537_693e4fc654ba3f...8e4084.png]

Make sense now?

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 11-29-2019

(11-28-2019, 08:53 PM)Skyon Archer Wrote:  My current connection:
Upload 470 Kbps
Download 370 Kbps

I think I just saw a snail race by me :D

What else were yoy doing at the time, 3 other tings?

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 11-29-2019

Yes, makes sense. Thanks.

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 11-29-2019

New spiders/bots have appeared overnight! awesome!  :bow:

Frosty day today,nice and sunny though.

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 11-29-2019

Spiders/Bots are good if they are from legitimate sources; i.e. Google, Bing, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If they are from chinese search engines or other bad guys, then you don't want them.

Examples include click bots, download bots, imposter bots, scraper bots, spam bots, spy bots, and zombie bots.

Bad guys always seem to out-populate good guys.

Nonetheless, if you are seeing "good bots" then congratulations and let's hope they go back home and tell everyone how great your site is! :)

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 11-29-2019

So Baidu is a bad guy?

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 11-29-2019

Baidu Bot is bad simply for how much it visits.

It does not acknowledge the robots.tx file, so if you disallow it to visit your site . . . it will anyway.

It isn't as efficient as Google's bots and will eat tons of bandwidth by multiple visits on a daily basis. On a free hosting provider it may not seem like a big deal, but eventually all that bandwidth has to be paid by someone.

Baidu Bot is good if you want to be listed in a Chinese search engine, other than that I see no usefulness for it.

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 11-30-2019

I had a bad feeling about Baidu bot.

There should be a Baidu bot blocker.