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RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 09-08-2018

I haven't tried the mobile yet, I may just do so to see them collapse.. :)

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 09-09-2018

Just float your browser window and then narrow it. It will collapse for you.

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 09-09-2018

Well,goodnight everyone. Been a long day. See you tomorrow.

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 09-09-2018

An early night eh? I figure it was 8.20 p.m. given our time difference at present.. It's already monday here, you'll wake to another monday morning..

We had a -5 degree frost here this morning, it was a little harder than usual getting out from under a nice warm duvet, doing so set off this old mans aches and pains more than usual.. :( I hope spring starts soon, it's already almost 4 weeks late, we usually start getting spring like weather in mid august, we're hoping we don't get the heatwave places like Britain and Europe have just had, summer here tends to see us get temps in the mid/high 30's, that's warm enough..

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 09-10-2018

Afternoon folks.

It was just after 9pm Sandy. Head was killing me,back hurt,so I figured an early night was the answer. 9hrs. 20 mins later,it was. lovely jubbly.

btw,the siggy is a good,likeness of me lol.

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 09-10-2018

Hey, all, just a heads up that I may be slow to respond over the next week or so. Family times, and probably not much opportunity to get online. Just so no one is wondering why I'm scarce.

Hopefully after that, Archer and Ryan's hiatus will be coming to an end and we can get going again on nexus development.

Wow Jane, you're a looker! :D *winks back*

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 09-10-2018

Okey dokey.

Yes the likeness is pretty spot on lol.

was my siggy too big Helena? looks smaller. Sorry if it was.

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 09-10-2018

Yes, it was too big. I've put a max-height on signatures for images.  You can always see the full size by right clicking and choosing "view image".

Generally you don't want to use signature images bigger than 550px width and 150px height. I'll eventually get some rules written up.

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 09-10-2018

Don't need to many big images like that at my age, I'm likely to do myself an injury.. ;)

RE: RANDOM comments - Spice - 09-15-2018

Good afternoon. Feels like winter here although no snow.....yet!