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RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 02-24-2019

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 02-25-2019

Looks like the tale end of Cyclone Oma, it sure left us with a fair bit of rain here, the temps dropped from the high 30's on thursday and friday down to 21 degrees yesterday, it seems today's high will only be 19 degrees and temps in the low to mid 20's for most of this week at present.. I wish the Aussies had kept the cyclone over their side of the ditch, a 15 degree celsius drop in temperatures comes as a bit of a shock, especially for those like me with bad circulation and having to take blood thinners.. I'd hoped for a decent end to summer too.. :(

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 02-25-2019

A little cool, wet, weather makes you appreciate the warm, sunny, days!

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 02-26-2019

Temperatures in the high 30's are starting to get a little to warm for my liking, the Aussies can keep those high temperatures over their side of the ditch, them and cyclones.. :#

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 03-01-2019

Where is everyone? It seems no ones got any gripes, moans or anything else at present.. :S

RE: RANDOM comments - Mozzie - 03-03-2019

I am here,

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 03-03-2019

Another snow storm here last night. Normally we would be in the 50's by now, but its still winter. It is wearying and SAD. *seasonal affective disorder*. Cabin fever has set in.

On the good front, there is a goodly supply of coffee, chocolate and hot toddies available.

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 03-03-2019

And firewood I trust..

RE: RANDOM comments - Malcolm80 - 03-05-2019

hi just passing by today. nothing is going on at the moment.

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 03-05-2019

Oh to have a quiet uneventful life, this old man would love it.. :(