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RE: RANDOM comments - Moonface - 12-02-2021

Oh you wouldn't even need to trick or treat. We ordered take out that night and actually just gave a handful of candy bars to the delivery driver just to try and give away at least some of them. Just bring me food and I'll give you the candy. :P

RE: RANDOM comments - Ken-Koerperich - 12-02-2021

Hawkeye is the bomb!

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 12-09-2021

While the graphics are amazing, the distraction of the others (Hulk, Spider Man, etc) is a bit much.

Although, I must add, I'm jealous of the great game play!

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 12-12-2021

Coeeee! Look at this place...Skyon’s cheesecake crumbs everywhere..empty cider boxes..tsk.. ;) xD xD xD :D

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 12-12-2021

How did I miss the pizza partee? :O

RE: RANDOM comments - Ken-Koerperich - 01-18-2022

In about 8 hours, actually, every morning EXCEPT maintenance days, I stream @ 0600 CST....Stop by for a visit. I really could use the Active Viewer Support. Thanks!

Next scheduled, no stream day is Jan 19th...

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 01-19-2022

0600 CST? 0600?! Wake up early?

Oh man, next you'll expect me to eat a healthy breakfast and brush my teeth twice a day . . . .


RE: RANDOM comments - Ken-Koerperich - 01-19-2022

That time is what happens when you live in the real world.

Up at 0530, sss, fire up PS5...try to sleep any longer, since "covid" bs makes wife work from home, you get woken up by rapid fire keyboard work since the "office" for her is the xtra space in your bedroom. THERE IS NO SLEEPING IN....

Play a few hours. Log off....

Cook lunch for wife/son & yourself...

If you didn't sss in the AM, do it now, and get ready for work....

Work till Midnight....

Rinse/Repeat daily for the last 33 year of your career....


RE: RANDOM comments - Moonface - 01-21-2022

I'd drop dead before I spend my existence basically working with barely any leisure time from 5am until midnight. It sounds awful.

RE: RANDOM comments - Ken-Koerperich - 01-24-2022

That's the life of a person who has a healthy disdain for stupid people, carries a firearm daily, and most likely would shoot the idiots for being just that, an idiot. I prefer my freedom, and w/ all the "Karen's" running around now, I'd be pew pew'n way to much!