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RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 10-15-2020

Morning. Very chilly today.

Our area is going up to tier two with covid restrictions. No meeting of different households indoors, rule of six applies outside. So..I wont be able to see my parents when they get home from holiday. Doubt I’ll he able to see them at Christmas now. God knows when I’ll see my brother. Anyone else sick of corona virus?

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 10-16-2020

I keep saying . . . the world just needs to stop for a month. If every single person on this planet that can simply sit at home does so, this virus can be done away with.

But no, everyone has to go the store, mall, restaurant, etc. Majority of those don't have PPE on. It's amazing. Social distancing is a joke.

I just ran to the corner convenience store, which is basically across the street to a major university, and there were a lot of people in there. Most of them in their 20's. Only three people had on face masks. Me, another middle-aged customer and the girl behind the register. The other 20 or so moving around inside the small store had nothing on their face.

I wear safety glasses, N95 mask and nitrile gloves anytime I go out of the house.

People are purposefully not protecting themselves and/or others around them. "It's my right to not wear a mask in public"

Well, is it my right to shoot you in the face to protect myself and others around me from the attempted murder your are performing?

Sure, Mr. 20-something, you might not get sick but that virus you just spread by being stupidindependently portraying your rights will kill that person that is immune suppressed due to illness or that frail Grandmother you were breathing on.

Our world is pathetic and possibly this is a needed clense to remove the weak, lazy and ignorant from it's surface.

Know that you could say to Hades with it, you are going to go about your life as if nothing is wrong, but when you or a loved one catches COVID, you will regret those actions.

I ask, is a trip to the beach worth two weeks on a ventilator, losing the sense of smell/taste and all the other health issues (up to death) that Coronavirus causes? I think not.

Jane, stay inside and away from others. Tell your family to isolate as well. Give yourselves a fighting chance by becoming a hermit at home and soon, hopefully, all this will go away.

P.S. I had to visit my 84-year-old Aunt the other day and I was wearing a mask. She, of course, told me I didn't have to have that mask and gloves on. I told her it wasn't for me, it was for her that I did it.

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 10-17-2020


Yes I will absolutely stay at home Skyon, no question. I did when this all started. It just gets me down sometimes thats all. Some parts of the country have been put into stricter categories than others..this is simply because the people there refuse to obey the rules,then the rest of us have to suffer for their stupidity.

Speaking of the beach,when all this started,the police were arresting people for having  bbqs on the beach with their friends!  :@ :@

Youngsters have been partying in the streets, getting drunk,no masks.. :@ 

I worry for my brother..what if his carers come into contact with someone who has it?  :(

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 10-19-2020

I noticed that it seemed rather calm around here lately. Then it occurred to me that it has been almost three weeks since Sandy visited Planet Nexus.

Oh, Sandy . . . where you at?

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 10-19-2020

I’m guessing it must be his eyesight. He said he was having trouble logging in and posting.
because he cant see what he’s typing.

I’m sure I heard a firework last night.

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 10-21-2020


It’s piddling down here this morning. Like a monsoon it is.

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 10-21-2020

Helena has snow, you have rain and I have sunny skies and a high temperature of 87 F (31 C).

According to Google, I can expect the sky to be cloudless all day today.

[Image: sunny.png]

Guess we all have to suffer with the changing seasons :D

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 10-21-2020

No snow till Monday. Tomorrow we are supposed to be in the mid 80's and sunny. Love that. I'll be gathering up the rest of my tomato crop before the freeze hits on Sunday. We've dipped down near the bottom 40's, but nothing below yet.

On another happy note....a 3 year long deferred-maintenance project on our house will be finally completed this week. I may have to break out the pink muscato and celebrate. ^_^

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 10-25-2020


Have you had snow Helena? All we have had is rain..LOTS of rain. You’ll have to bring your tomatoes in or the cold will kill them.

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 10-25-2020

Tomatoes are in and in a nice dark cosy place in hopes they will eventually ripen. There were about 4 dozen greenies left of the plant. Most baseball size, but a good number were golf ball size. I didn't pick any smaller than that. I'll leave them for the squirrels and birdies.

They are predicting 1-2 inches snow tomorrow (monday) and we will have night temps in the 20's for several days in the coming week. It seems the end of our unseasably warm days has arrived and going forward we will be in the 40-50 range for the foreseeable future..