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RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 04-03-2020

Morning folks.

Yes,I agree 100% Skyon and as such, check out our new coronavirus free section! HERE need to be registered and logged in to see it. So for all you lurkers, sign up! Coronavirus FREE! It is pretty awesome! 

Weather is really mild today..gonna be up to 20 at the weekend! :huh: bbq weather...sausages..yum yum. :) :D  Now that’s given me another idea...NOM NOM NOM
Sign up log in and check it out! You know you wanna.   :D ;)

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 04-03-2020

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RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 04-03-2020

Hmm...might upgrade mine...hmmm.... :)

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 04-03-2020

Morena folks, I hope everyone's as well as can be expected at present..

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 04-03-2020

(04-03-2020, 07:54 PM)Sandy Wrote:  Morena folks, I hope everyone's as well as can be expected at present..

Just sitting here talking to my friend, Mr. Fridge and his pal, Mr. Toaster. Yep, not having an issue being locked up due to coronavirus. No siree, no issues here.

Hold on . . . What do you want now?!!

Sorry about that, Ms. Dishwasher was yelling at me that she was done washing the dishes. She can be so bossy sometimes :)

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 04-04-2020

It is a little like that at present, a lot of folk are going a little stir crazy here, us kiwis love the outdoors, being forced to stay in as at present is hard yacker after getting to day 10 of our lockdown, a little short term pain will help the long term gain.. I wonder how many babies will come along in 9 months time though, I bet the numbers are well up..

RE: RANDOM comments - Jane - 04-04-2020

Morning folks.

Lovely sunny day for sitting in the garden with the cats and the bunnies. bbq...sausages...nom nom

RE: RANDOM comments - Skyon Archer - 04-04-2020

Jane, I think I we need to have a talk about you and all those bbq sausages . . . I'm starting to see a trend :D

Sandy, good time to get internet savvy :)

RE: RANDOM comments - Sandy - 04-04-2020

Good time to get internet savvy? I know after 20 years that Googles my friend, sometimes, other than that as lomg as it works properly when needed, that's all this retiree wants to know besides a few basic things..

Are you folk allowed out once in a whike? We've been lucky in that we're allowed out for essentials of course, and we're allowed to get out for a walk as long as it's in our neighbourhood, I've got a big 125 acre park within 5 minutes of home, quite handy to get over there, feed the ducks and have a bit of a waddle myself..

RE: RANDOM comments - Helena - 04-05-2020

On a personal basis, it's all voluntary in our city. We are only supposed to go out for essentials. However, walking or jogging in the neighborhoods is encouraged. Trails and parks are closed.

Home repairs and maintenance are considered essential services, so there is a lot of that going on now that it is spring and the weather is good. So you can go out for carpentry materials and such. All restaurants are curbside pickkup or delivery only, but haven't been closed entirely.

At risk people are advised to order grocery and pharmacy delivery if possible and not go out at all. Most neighborhoods have those willing to make grocery runs for people that need help.