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Full Version: Advertising two sites.
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I was wondering if we can advertise two sites on our NexAd page or do we have to create a new page? Both sites are pretty much the same, but eventually I'll want both advertised if possible.. I'm fine tuning the second at present, and getting some content in it, so I'm not in a rush to add it yet..
Currently we have this system set up for advertising only one site at a time.

This is why I changed your old address to the new forum and we are now tracking statistics solely for it.
No way of having a second page? If not, is there any reason why I can't have the ad for one site and the link to the other in my profile? I hoped for 2 pages, but realise it may not be able to be done..
Currently, only one at a time.

As you indicated, you can add both sites to your forum signature.

If I could recommend, you should link to your MyPage URL is

Link to your MyPage and this would give people the opportunity to give your site "boost". It also would offer the availability for comments and others to review blurbs you have posted.

Anyway, it's up to you!

Hope this helps.
A good idea, put the link in my signature on my site..