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Full Version: Nexus bar code
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I put the code in 2 themes in my site, one of which is the default theme, but the bit under where the code is here is red, the strange thing is that the codes showing in both themes..
I checked the database and it shows that you have the code installed. 

In the NexAds Control Panel, there are visual indicators to let you know if you have the script installed or not.





You should be seeing the INSTALLED message.

If not, please reply so I can look into this deeper for you.

Just so you know:  We have a script (let's call it a BOT) that goes out to your website and checks it randomly for the proper script being in place.  If you take the footer bar script our for some reason, our BOT may pass by your site and not see it and update the database to show that you don't have the script installed.  This will not be updated again until the BOT passes by your site once again.  This visit from the BOT happens at least once a day.
Required script found installed. Good job!

That's there now, the strange thing is that I added the code to 2 themes about a week ago and was getting a message in red up until yesterday morning where the above message is now showing.. :S
Well, I had to have a talk to the BOT, seems he was being a bit lazy. Had to whip him into shape.

He's now running around the internet checking NexAd members sites as fast as he can! :D
Needs a rocket where the sun don't shine.. :#